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Meet Ilene

"I am Ilene Davis and I am running for the District 94 seat in the State Assembly, representing portions of Dorchester and Charleston County. Three issues will be my top priority if I am privileged to represent you in Columbia.


First, I will work to protect a woman's right to make her own decisions about reproductive health. We don't need men in Columbia making those decisions for us as they take away our constitutional right to privacy.

Second, I will protect public education in this state, where it has been historically undervalued. The current Republican effort to defund public education and give that money to religious schools, charter schools, and private schools is an insult to the children and teachers of this state. This Republican effort, too, is unconstitutional.

Third, I will address the embarrassing condition of our roads and the choking traffic that wastes time of commuters and raises the ire of us all. For the past thirty years, maintaining our roads and bridges has been the responsibility of Republican legislators and the Republican Department of Transportation in Columbia. Put simply, they have botched the job. This must change.

I have devoted my professional life to public service. For 35 years, as I followed my Air Force husband Garden Davis around the world, I was an accountant for the Department of Defense, the Department of the Interior, the State Department, and the Office of Personnel Management. I know the value of a public tax dollar and can follow the trail of how it's spent.

I am a native of Santee, South Carolina. I am a mother of two sons. Gorden is an Army veteran, and Terence is a Clemson graduate and an attorney. I hold two BS degrees in accounting and management from Limestone College in Gaffney, and an MA degree with a concentration in business from Webster University. I know the value of education, hard work, and ambition.

My husband Garden (now retired from the military) and I chose to live in the 94th district in order to give back to this state we both love. 

The Republican Party has become the party of "No you can't" and "No we won't". I believe "we can and we will."

We can make Dorchester County and South Carolina a better place for all its citizens if we elect true public servants. 


That is what I have been and what I will continue to be when I represent you in Columbia."

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